Survey / Profile Tools

SDI has developed online tools to facilitate the federation slum dwellers to easily create their own survey questionnaires and capture the data. This portal helps federation activists to use the existing surveys designed by the federation / SDI related to Informal Settlement profile/Settlement Boundary/Settlement Services/Market Profile/Household survey. You can also create your own survey forms in your local language and use them to capture data.

Easy to create Survey forms - Survey forms or Questionnaires can be created on a fly with simple drag and drop options. You can add text boxes, Date selection, dropdowns, Multiple selections and file upload features to your questionnaires. You can also apply logical seperations and group the questions.

Reports - Generate report templates for your surveys choosing the data field you wish. You can download the reports in a excel format for further analysis.

Use Federation ready-to-use survey forms - Ready-to-use forms / survey templates available for activists to collect data for a specific survey. We have country-specific survey templates that are added to our database and can be used as they are, instead of creating new forms.

App Support App to capture the SDI surveys is available on google store. You can capture the data offline and sync with the server whenever internet is available.